What I do

I produce mixed media textile art, wearable art gaments, journals and handmade paper from a small studio at my home in Birmingham, West Midlands.  I regularly give talks and tutor workshops on textile-related topics.

The philosophy

My current work with discarded rusty objects on canvas is influenced by the Japanese 'mottainai' ethos that everything on earth has value and should be used to the uttermost, and also by 'wabi sabi' - an acceptance of the natural processes that eventually bring about impermanence and imperfection.


Rust obviously causes destruction and decay but the corrosive process produces beautiful colours and textures. The challenge is to exploit these characteristics creatively and turn a negative force into something positive and enduring.

I enjoy the rhythmic, meditational element of hand stitch, which fits well with these ideas. I add a little to each piece of work, guided by the colours and shapes of the rusted objects rather than making it a focal point.