Journal-making Workshops

All workshops begin by producing a unique piece of cloth for the cover of a journal which is then assembled.  Decorative techniques and journal types are interchangeable and a choice should be made on behalf of all students when booking a workshop (Japanese stitched spine book with 'print to stitch' cover, for example). 

Print to Stitch 

Explore ways of transferring images to paper and cloth using a collagraph of natural foliage, and experiment with a pasta machine. Add stitch to your cloth before assembling the journal.  This example is a piano-hinge journal using kebab sticks for the spine

Print, Rub, Splash and Emboss

Explore a wide range of fabric decoration techniques before adding stitch if wished and assembling your journal.  This example is a Japanese stitched-spine journal.


Mono Plus One

Using black, white and one other colour for fabric and acrylic paint, print with found objects and add stitch before assembling your journal.  This example is a concertina book with printed pages echoing the cover 


'Star' Memorabilia Book

A lovely way to display small items of memorabilia. Produce a stitched cover for your chosen theme before assembling the book; explore ideas for decorating pages and attaching items. NB time limitations mean this should be seen as an ongoing project

A papermaking workshop is also available